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Our Story

Communities of Wellbeing Inc. is a not-for-profit health promotion organization. Our key purpose is to promote the prevention of mental illness in particular anxiety and depression. At Communities of Wellbeing, we share a common belief: that when people are supported to live a good life, people and communities flourish.

And to us, a good life is one with meaning and purpose, deep and genuine relationships, meaningful accomplishments and strong mental and physical health.
Using the science of positive psychology, we work together to build capability and connectedness in others so that people and communities flourish.
Working with a range of stakeholders from within Maroondah and beyond, we aim to actively measure and improve wellbeing by:

  • Serving as action-based advocates to help people and communities prioritise wellbeing;
  • Providing learning opportunities and resources that build skills to enable others to pursue a good life;
  • Facilitating and supporting community partnerships, projects and programs for flourishing people and communities.

We work across five key areas of impact:

  • Home and Family Life
  • Financial Life
  • Learning and Education
  • Work Life
  • Social and Public Life

We acknowledge that a good life is not devoid of struggle. In fact, when strength and struggle walk together, we believe we have the resilience to navigate life’s challenges. For us, our collective strength is our shared commitment to working together, learning together and sharing our message of wellbeing so that people and communities flourish.

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